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What anime girl are you most like (Girls only)

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What anime girl are you most like (Girls only)

Mesaj Scris de EllaFromHell la data de Sam Iul 12, 2008 10:06 pm

You are like Haruno Sakura! You are very intelligant, and know a bunch! If someone wants knowledge, come to you! You have a very short temper, but you a very supportive and you cheer on your teammates like they are innvincible. If required, you will fight, but you prefer not to. Like Sakura, you are not easily scared, but you are easily angered. Many people hit on you, you poor thing! You usually show them who's boss with a giant slap or punch. You were one vain and you cared more about your hair then training, but you stopped caring about your looks and trying to impress the boys and got down to business. (Okay, you haven't totally given up on boys, but give you a break, right?) Congratulate yourself, you smart, brave girl
Bronze Vampire
Bronze Vampire

feminin Numarul mesajelor : 253
Varsta : 24
Localizare : In hell
Data de inscriere : 10/07/2008

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Re: What anime girl are you most like (Girls only)

Mesaj Scris de SaRu-chan la data de Lun Aug 18, 2008 2:56 pm

You are like Zakuro! (Last name is unknown as far as I know.) You are cool and probably hit on alot because of your beauty, which you are very aware of. You a calm and collected, and the smart one in a situation, always making the right choice. Very down to earth, you have many talents and your very creative. Like Zakuro, you would make an ideal actress/model/singer. You have an eye for fashion, and you can be somewhat cold at times, but you really are a good person. Congratulate yourself, you smart, down to earth girl!
Silver Vampire
Silver Vampire

feminin Numarul mesajelor : 504
Varsta : 23
Data de inscriere : 08/07/2008

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Re: What anime girl are you most like (Girls only)

Mesaj Scris de doris la data de Mar Aug 19, 2008 9:57 am

You are like Miyafuji Miina! You are very headstrong and have a tendency to rush into things. You like to tease people and are always getting into trouble. You are kind and there is something about you that everyone loves. You are brave, and when guys try to hit on you, you can take care of yourself! You aren't afraid of change or travel, even if you do have a hard time saying goodbye. Like Miina, you are crazy and hyper, always cheerful and happy. Congratulate yourself, you are Hyper and cheerful!
Vampire Newbie
Vampire Newbie

feminin Numarul mesajelor : 41
Data de inscriere : 16/07/2008

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Re: What anime girl are you most like (Girls only)

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